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Darul fiqh endeavours to present insight into the Islamic sciences ranging from Arabic grammar to Islamic economics.  Our ambition is to enhance and deepen the understanding of the Islamic sciences hopefully complementing our relationship with our Lord.


Darul fiqh is headed by Maulana Faraz ibn Adam, a graduate of the rigorous, traditional 6 year alimiyyah course at Darul Uloom Leicester, England.  The scholar is currently a trainee mufti under the world renown jurist and mufti, Mufti Ebrahim Desai (may Allah preserve him) at the Darul Iftaa Mahmudiyyah.


Darul Fiqh is designed and managed by Maulana Muhammad Qasim ibn Sulaiman.  The respected scholar is a graduate of Darul Uloom Leicester and currently teaches at an institute in Leicester (UK) and holds weekly seminars in the science of Hadith.  The shaykh is also pursuing a degree in Computer Programming.


Darul fiqh is honoured to have economist Bilal Mussa on board who has a BSc in economics.  Bilal said introducing himself,

“Having been raised by a father that was trading stocks on the London Stock Exchange. I knew that from a young age I would one day aspire to go on and do the same which I did after 18 years ! I have been trading on LSE for over 3 years and it has been a very interesting time. I have always lived in Leicester and aquired my A Levels in Accounting, Economics and Mathematics at Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College and a BSc Economics from the University of Leicester. I have been Vice President of the Finance Society whilst at University from which I have been able to network with CEO’s, Bankers and most of all officials from Whitehall. Islamically, I undertook two years of Islamic Theology in Leicester which gave me a good insight into the Islamic Financial System and how it should be done and not like how it is done today. This has given me the drive to understand main stream finance only to them study further to then make a change in the world rather than become another passer. I have had the ability to visit Canary Wharf and Whitehall on a regular basis where i attend seminars and networking events that improve my knowledge on the current financial affairs. “



Please note, Darul Fiqh  is not a Islamic Shari’ah Law Court; hence, the opinions provided by us are not intended to be a ruling as one would expect to receive from a Shari’ah Court. The aim is to provide a better understanding of issues from an Islamic perspective. We also take no responsibility if our answers are used out of their intended context, nor of any party who may or may not act upon them. Darul Fiqh  is therefore exempted from loss or damage howsoever caused.

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