a little bit about Shawwal

The tenth month of the Islamic calendar is known as Shawwal.  The word Shawwal is derived from the root letters sheen, waw and laam, which literally denote to lifting, raising and hoisting.   The word linguistically means lifting the tail of a camel.  The Arabs would hunt and travel throughout the lands on horse and camel back, hence, it became known as shawwal; the month in which the camel is travelled upon.


Another opinion regarding the naming of this month is that male camels try to lure and seduce she-camels by lifting their tails constantly in this period of the year.  Thus, the Arabs named this month Shawwal.


According to a narration in Kanz al-ummal, Ibn ‘Umar (Allah be pleased with them) states, “Ramadhan was named Ramadhan as sins are reduced to ashes therein.  Shawwal was called Shawwal as sins are uplifted like how camels lift they tails.” (Kanz al-Ummal 8/588 M’uassasah ar-risaalah)


The word Shawwal is masculine in the Arabic language.  It is commonly referred to as the month of ‘Eid, as ‘Eid takes place on the first of Shawwal.


Significant events in Shawwal:

The very first day of this month is ‘Eid.  ‘Eid is also known as ‘Yawm ar-rahmah’; the day of peace.  It is on this day Allah showers his slaves with immense mercy.  It is on this day that Allah inspired the bee to produce honey.  Allah the Almighty constructed jannah on this day.  Allah created the tree of Tuba on the first of Shawwal.  He commissioned Jibra’eel to convey the revelation on this very day.  The magicians in the time of Fir’aun repented on this day. (Ghunyah at-talibeen 2/18)


Historical events in Shawwal:

10th year of nabuwwah/February 619 CE  -Prophet marries Aishah

10th year of nabuwwah- Prophet travels to Ta’if

1 A.H/ April 623 CE – The marriage with Aisha is consummated

2 A.H/ March 624 CE – Zakaat is collected

2 AH/ March 624 CE – Battle with Banu Qaynuqaa’

3 AH/ March 625 CE- Battle of Uhud

3 AH/ March 625 CE- Battle of Hamra al-asad

5 AH/ March 627 CE- The prophet weds Zaynab bint Khuzaymah

8 AH/ February 630 CE – the battle of Ta’if

15 AH/ November 636 CE – the battle of Qadisiyyah

16 AH/ October 637 CE – conquest of Jerusalem

38 AH/ March 659 CE – the passing away of Suhaib ar-Rumi

43 AH/ January 664 CE- the passing away of Amr’ ibn al-Aas

54 AH/ September 674 CE- the passing away of Sawdah

94 AH/ June 713 CE- the passinf away of Zain al-abideen

105 AH/ March 724 CE – the passing away of Ibn sireen

207 AH/ February 823 CE- the passing away of Imam al-Farraa’ an-nahwi

256 CE/ September 870 CE – the passing away of Imam Bukhari

275 AH/ February 889 CE – the passing away of Abu Dawud


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