A step by step guide for preparing a speech Part 1

Please note: This article has been primarily written for students at Islamic institutes

The importance of being able to deliver a speech:

To be able to deliver successful lectures.  This will determine your:

1)      family ties

2)      respect amongst the community

3)      depth of your knowledge

4)      friend circle

5)      Holidays

6)      popularity

7)      future service to the community

8)      Profession and career

In other words, your success rate is proportional to the dedication you give to preparing speeches!

Let me explain each point:

1) Family ties:

Family ties are strengthened and weakened by interaction.  Interaction, communication and contact is made through speech.  So if you learnt how to communicate correctly, it is more likely that your family ties will be strong.

2) Respect amongst the community:

An individual, especially a scholar, climbs the popularity ladder in the community through two ways:

a)      By being articulate, this is only reflected when sitting on a mimbar and giving a speech, as the community do not attend the classes where the scholar can show his knowledge.

b)      The second way is through how easily approachable and conversing a scholar is.  So, if you learn all the methods and ways to communicate, insha’allah you will surely be a star in the community!

3) Depth of your knowledge:

What is read and heard in the six years of class aren’t sufficient to deliver a lecture,  In actual fact, most people forget what they have learnt and read in the six years of ilmiyyah class.  What is stored in your long term memory is that information which is attained through research.  The only time a student gets to research any topic is for lecture classes!  Therefore, your knowledge of various aspects of Islam really will reflect the standard of research for a mock lecture.

4) Friend circle:

If a scholar is an excellent orator, then he will be invited to different programmes, which will host other great scholars.  Thus, you will have the opportunity to create a friendship with other contemporary scholars, which has countless benefits and advantages!

5) Holidays:

The individual who acquired the skill of speaking to an audience successfully, will be invited across the world, thus, you will have the chance to tour the four corners of the world just because of lecture practice!

6) Popularity:

It’s obvious, that if your speeches are admired, soon your name will be on billboards, posters and even on google!

7) Future service to the community:

When you are recognised and known in your community due to being the English version of Maulana Tariq Jameel or the second Shaykh Riyaadul Haq, then people will resort to you and thus be able to direct thousands towards the path of Islam.

8 ) Profession and Career:

If you are a good speaker, at any interview, you will impress the interviewer with your speech and this in itself will make you shine and outclass other applicants!

Before preparing a speech…

  • Make sure you are aware of the date you have to deliver a speech

  • You should be planning two weeks in advance, in other words, the day in which you give a speech, the same day, it is advisable to start researching for your next lecture.

  • Allocate sufficient time for research and writing the speech, as mere research without any write up isn’t of any news.  Ideally, one should spend 4 hours a week in preparing, this would mean that every speech has 8 hours of sweat behind it! This will cover all the various aspects that need to be tackled before giving a speech.  An easy way to give 4 hours a week is either giving 30 minutes a day, or 2 hours on a Saturday and another 2 hours on a Sunday.

In the next part, we begin!

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