Darul Fiqh 2014 Report


All praise belongs to Allah who is praised in every situation and state. It is the grace of Allah that Darulfiqh has been operating for approximately two and a half years. With the end of 2014, we wished to present an activity report especially for those who have helped and contributed in the functioning of Darulfiqh.

The premise of this presentation and disclosure is the following `āyah:
“But as for the favour of your Lord, report [it].” (Qur`ān 93:11)

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who have supported Darulfiqh in anyway.

Answering questions & queries is a grave responsibility. It is a matter of trust and confidentiality. We would like to thank you for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to serve you.

May Allah bless you all & shower His infinite blessings on you in this world & Aakhirah. Ameen.

We also make dua Allah grants us ikhlās and accepts whatever little we offer to make the word of Allah the Highest.


Visitors to Darulfiqh.com in the year 2014
Unique Visitors – 106,030
Pages Viewed – 217,552

Top 10 countries’ visitors in 2014:

United Kingdom – 49,763
United States – 16,645
India – 9,904
South Africa – 8,055
Pakistan – 5,752
Canada – 5,194
United Arab Emirates – 4,679
Australia – 3,219
Saudi Arabia – 3,050
Malaysia – 2,838

Most popular pages according to page views:
The Romantic Prophet – How to be romantic with your spouse – 39,326
Are white wine vinegar and red wine vinegar halal? – 10,606
Is soy lecithin halal? – 6,741
What do I need for Hajj or Umrah – checklist – 6,387
Is it permissible to eat prawns, mussels, squid and octopus? – 4,188

Approximate number of questions answered to date: 3,000

Current approximate number of questions per day: 5

We request you to support the running of Darulfiqh through sadaqah donations on the above link. You will be rewarded for all the knowledge transmitted, read, practised upon and most of all, you will have a share in all the questioners` duas for the service provided.

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