Notable compilations in usul al-hadith By Maulana Faraz ibn Adam

1) المحدِّث الفاصل بين الراوي والواعي (al-muhaddith al-fasil bain ar-raawi wal-waa’i)

One of the earliest works in the field, authored by al-Qadhi Abu Muhammad Hasan ibn abdur Rahman ar-raamahurmuzi.  He passed away in 360 A.H.

2) معرفة علوم الحديث (Ma’irfatu ‘ulum al-hadith)

Written by the illustrious scholar al-Hakim Naysaapuri who passed away in 405 A.H.

3) المستخرج على معرفة علوم الحديث (al-mustakhraj ‘ala ma’rifati ulum al-hadith)

Composed by Abu Nu’aym al-asbahaani who left this world in 430 A.H.


4) الكفاية في علم الرواية (al-kifaayah fi ilir riwaayah)

Penned by the renown al-khateeb al-baghdadi.  His demise occurred in 463 A.H.  This masterpiece comprises the intricate details of the science of Hadith and has a mention of the principles of this science.

5) الجامع لأخلاق الراوي وآداب السامع (Al-jaami’ li akhlaaq ar-raawi wa aadaab as-saami’)

Another magnum opus in this science by al-khateeb al-baghdadi.  This book dwells on the ethics of narrating hadith.

6) الإلماع الى معرفة أصول الرواية وتقييد السماع (al-ilmaa’ ila ma’rifati usulir riwaayati wa taqyeedis simaa’)

Indited by the famous Qadhi Iyaadh, the author of Ash-shifa.  the great scholar was laid to rest in 544 A.H.  This treatise doesnt cover all aspects of the science, instead it focuses on the method of acquisition (tahammul) and delivery (adaa’).

7) علوم الحديث (Ulum al-hadith)

Written by the famous scholar Abu ‘Amr uthman ibn Abd ar-Rahman ash-shahrazuri, commonly known as Ibn Salaah.  He passed away in 643 A.H.  His masterpiece is regarded to be one of the authorities of this science and a reference for all scholars.  His work is also known as muqaddimah ibn salaah.

8 ) التقريب والتيسير لمعرفة سنن البشير والنذير (At-taqreeb wat-tayseer li ma’rifati sunan al-basheer wan-natheer)

Authored by one of the most prolific writers this ummah has produced; Imam Yahya ibn sharaf an-nawawi (d.676A.H.).  This is a compendium of Ibn Salaah’s Ulum al-hadith.

9) تدريب الراوي في شرح تقريب النواوي (Tadreeb ar-raawi fi sharhi taqreeb an-nawawi)

The famous Egyptian scholar Imam Suyuti (d.911 A.H) wrote this as a supplemental text to Imam Nawawi’s work on the science.

10) تدريب الراوي في شرح تقريب النواوي (Tadreeb ar-raawi fi sharhi taqreeb an-nawawi)

The famous Egyptian scholar Imam Suyuti (d.911 A.H) wrote this as a supplemental text to Imam Nawawi’s work on the science.

11) نظم الدرر في علم الأثر (Nadhm al-durar fi ‘ilm al-‘athar)

Composed by the distinguished scholar Zain ad-deen al-‘Iraaqi (d.506 A.H.).  he poetised Ibn Salaah’s Ulum al-hadith.

12) فتح المغيث في شرح ألفية الحديث (Fath al-mugeeth fi sharhi alfiyyat al-hadith)

Written by the well known scholar As-sakhaawi (d.902 A.H.).  A scholium on al-Iraaqi’s work.

13) نخبة الفكر في مصطلح أهل الأثر (Nukhbat al-fikar fi mustalah ahl al-athar)

The most famous and celebrated works in the science.  Attributed to none other than the great commentator of Sahih al-Bukhari, al-hafidth Ibn Hajar al-Asqalaani.  This work of his is very concise.  He later compiled a commentary on this called Nuzhat al-nadthar.

14) المنظومة البيقونية (Al-mandthumat al-bayquniyyah)

Written by Umar ibn Muhammad al-Bayquniy (d.1080 A.H.).  It is approximately 34 poetical verses.

15) تيسير مصطلح الحديث (Tayseer mustalah al-hadith)

Written by a contemporary scholar Doctor Mahmood at-Tahaan.  An excellent work in the field of hadith.

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