Summary of al-Mabroor investment launch

A dilemma faced by many in conventional times is investing wealth in halaal avenues.  Unfortunately, the current commercial climate offers very little when it comes to Shari’ah compliancy.


For a long time the Darul Iftaa has been inundated with numerous calls from the public and commercial sector asking for an investment scheme which is 100% halaal and transparent.  Many companies contacted the Darul Iftaa to regulate their investment methods according to Shari’ah.  Sadly, they were far away from the shores of halaal investment.   However, one company placed themselves at the discretion and disposal of the Darul Iftaa.  They were prepared to revolutionise their policies to cater for a Shari’ah compliant device.


After months of meticulous planning, the Darul Iftaa pieced together an investment method which is 100% Shari’ah compliant.


The Darul Iftaa takes great pleasure in announcing the launch of Al Mabroor property investment scheme and Al Mabroor buffalo investment scheme.  These products are designed upon the Islamic principles of musharakah.


Al Mabroor Shari’ah investment is a model to invest in property.  Investors have the opportunity for a regular income investment or capital growth investment.  This is done by jointly buying a house and selling it with a profit or purchasing a property and leasing it out.


Al Mabroor buffalo project is an investment scheme in buffaloes. This product offers interested parties the opportunity to partake in the lucrative buffalo farming and breeding trade.


The role of the Darul Iftaa is to merely create a Shari’ah compliant mechanism to help the Muslim public.  Earning halaal is to the advantage and benefit of the Muslim public at large.  The Darul Iftaa is an independent body and has no financial gain whatsoever.  The Darul Iftaa will oversee and monitor this investment scheme ensuring Shari’ah compliancy at every step.


The Darul Iftaa launches these products with the following conditions:

1)     Anybody who invests in this scheme does so according to his capacity and risk.


2)     The Darul Iftaa doesn’t play any part on the marketing of this product.


3)     The Darul Iftaa isn’t contracted to al Mabroor; the Darul Iftaa designed the scheme working on behalf of the Muslim community.  The Darul Iftaa is ready to assist any company desiring Shari’ah compliancy in their investment products and businesses.


This is just the first step.  The vision of the Darul Iftaa is far beyond this; the aspiration is to see Shari’ah compliancy in every aspect of business.  The Darul Iftaa hopes to introduce hundreds of Shari’ah compliant products and open the floor to healthy halaal competition.


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  1. Aww
    may Allah accept your effort Mufti Faraz. Aameen.
    Can you post more details about the above two points. With more detailed clarifications. And examples.

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