The day that will change your life forever

The most exhilarating, spine tingling day a person can experience.  It is truly a euphoric event.  Family is around.  Friends are nearby.  Associates are in close proximity.  Neighbours are not far away.  Happiness and delight shower where ever you go.  The hundreds of smiles seem like small stars glittering your environs.  The heavens maybe pouring down, yet the sun is shining high and bright in your horizons.  Words cannot compliment enough such an occasion.

The night before one’s wedding brings with it every emotion.  Emotions flares through one’s inner being.  Happiness fuses with anxiety in every vein.  The air of bliss can be smelt.  The breeze of jubilation can be sensed.  The rays of euphoria can be seen.  A thousand thoughts process in the mind.  Tomorrow’s scenes are played in the screen of one’s mind.  Sweat breaks from one’s forehead.  Everybody sleeps; the ecstasy pumping within you keeps you staring at the stars.  Tomorrow is the day.

The morning dawns upon you with a reality:  Today is the day.  You will look in the mirror a dozen times.  You may even iron your clothes multiple times!  The nerves and the magnitude of the event prompt you to be ultra-sensitive.  Every perfume you possess will be examined to see which fits the occasion.  Your shoes will be polished a number of times.  Every sibling will be pestered with the question,

“How do I look?”

The hour of Nikah strikes with you rehearsing how to answer the Imam.  The girl anticipates at home.  These hours are hours of revolution.  A moment every boy dreads is when he will be in the masjid in front of the Imam.  He frets from the mere thought.  A mock smile masks the fright shuddering inside. The marriage solemnises with the simplest of utterances with the most profound of meanings.

What is so special in a Nikah? Every religion and secular marriage has similar wordings and connotations.  However, a Muslim’s “Yes, I accept” follows the name of Allah.  A Nikah is solemnised on the name of Allah.  The boy and girl are pronounced husband and wife under the beautiful name of Allah.  This is the secret ingredient which produces the most amazing of flavours.

This is the day which changes your life forever.  Throughout one’s married life, there will be numerous occasions where the couple will retrospect and walk through their wedding day over and over again.  The mere discussion of this blessed day will always be a source of pleasure.

Enjoy this day within the parameters of Shariah.  The happiness felt when everything is according to Shariah is unparalleled.  The blessings which stem out from such a union are manifold.  The love sparked from this bond glows bright.

When times are tough or the day is not so bright for you, remember your wedding day and it will work marvels in your mood and disposition.  It has the innate characteristic of bringing happiness.

With marriage comes a new life, a new world.  Your life has changed now, it has changed forever.


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