The Fiqh of Zakat Presentation

Darul Fiqh is pleased to release this user-friendly guide to Zakat.  This guide has been composed to be a quick and easy reference for all wanting to understand the laws of Zakat.  This guide covers the following:

  1. What is Zakat?
  2. The conditions for Zakat
  3. A discussion on Nisab
  4. A detailed look at Zakatble and non-Zakatable assets
  5. Zakat on business stock
  6. Zakat on  receivables
  7. Laws of liabilities
  8. Zakat on shares
  9. Pension schemes
  10. Ushr on agricultural produce
  11. Zakat on livestock
  12. How to pay Zakat
  13. Recipients

You may view and download the presentation below:

Download “The Fiqh of Zakat” The-Fiqh-of-Zakat-Presentation.pdf – Downloaded 23763 times – 1,003 KB

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