The First Darul Iftaa Graduation Ceremony

With the grace and fadhl of Allah Ta’ala, The Darul Iftaa held its first official graduation Jalsa on Sunday, 24th June, 2012 at Masjidus Saliheen, Sherwood.

Alhamdulillah, the Jalsa was overwhelmingly successful. The Darul Iftaa, the Ulama and residents of Sherwood were honoured to be graced with the presence of approximately 300 Ulama from all over Kwazulu Natal. Ustaadul Ulama’ Hazrat Maulana Suleman Choksi Saheb damat barakatuhum, who is the first Ustad of Fiqh of our Ustad Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb and is presently a senior Ustadh of Hadeeth at Madrassah Zakariyyah, Johannesburg was the guest of honour for the Jalsa.

It would be impractical to enumerate all the esteemed Ulama that were present. Hereunder are some Ulama that graced the occasion:

Maulana Osman Kadwa Saheb (Umzinto)

Maulana Abdul Kadir Osman Saheb (PMB)

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb (Ta’leemudin, Isipingo Beach)

Muhtaram Professor Suleman Nadvi Saheb (son of late Allamah Syed Suleman Nadvi rahimahullah)

Doctor Hansa Saheb (Majāz of Maseehul Ummah rahimahullah)

Maulana Naeem Motala Saheb (Mallinson Rd. Masjid, Asherville)

Qari Ismail Desai Saheb (Umzinto)

Maulana Imran Khameesa Saheb (Port Shepstone)

Maulana Ilyas Patel Saheb (Isipingo Beach)

Mufti Yacoob Vally Saheb (Harding)

Maulana Abed Saheb (Verulem)

Maulana Sulaiman Goga (Durban)


As the programme commenced, the masjid was already half full. Throughout the programme, people kept coming and the audience overflowed into the outside court.

Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Chohan Saheb damat barakatuhum, who is the Imam of Masjidus Saliheen commenced the Jalsa with Hamd and Salaat and then called upon Maulana Abdul Hannan Saheb, a student of the Darul Iftaa from United States, to render his Qira’ah recitation. The walls of Masjidus Saliheen resonated with the beautiful verses of Qur’an, whilst ulama and brothers kept pouring into the masjid. The recitation was followed by a poem rendered by Hafiz Muhammad Patel Saheb, son of the late Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb rahimahullah alayh.

The Jalsa had two main speakers. Hazrat Maulana Haroon Abbassoomer Saheb damat baraktuhum, who is one of the most senior ulama of KZN, gave a talk in English. In half an hour, Hazrat Maulana explained his experiences at the Jamiatul Ulama with Hazrat Maulana Abdul Haqq Omarjee Saheb and the need for experience and insight on dealing with issues. Hazrat Maulana emphasized on tolerating differences of opinions and highlighted that in Ijtihadi issues a Mufti presents his opinion. No ones opinion is Wahi.

After the comprehensive yet condensed advices of Hazrat Maulana Haroon Saheb, Maulana Mahmood Patel Saheb, another student of the Darul Iftaa, rendered a short Nazm. Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb presented the year end Darul Iftaa report. The majlis was then affixed to the main talk of the programme. Maulana Ahmed Chohan Saheb requested the guest of honour, Hazrat Maulana Suleman Choksi Saheb damat barakatuhum to address the gathering.

The discourse was informal, yet filled with gems. Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Chohan Saheb aptly and correctly quoted Maulana Naeem Motala Saheb damat barakatuhum when he introduced Hazrat Maulana Suleman Saheb as an oyster that gives out rare pearls. The depth and the insight of the anecdotes Hazrat Maulana’s speech included were simply mesmerizing for the listeners. The gathering kept yearning for more and more and Hazrat Mauana Saheb satisfactorily kept satiating the thirst of the audience.  The ambience of the gathering was in a trance, intently fixed on the speech as every word penetrated the heart. From the time Hazrat started speaking, at the utterance of every statement, the environment filled with the exclamations of SubhanAllah and Masha’Allah, in pure reverence of the wisdom and uloom being distributed.

Hazrat Maulana Saheb congratulated Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb and the Darul Iftaa for the first jalsa of Iftaa. Hazrat Maulana imparted his advice to the graduating students and then the turban tying procession followed.  Hazrat Maulana Suleman Saheb requested Professor Suleman Nadvi Saheb and Doctor Hansa Saheb to join him in giving out the Sanads and tying the turbans. Hazrat Maulana Suleman Choksi Saheb damat barakatuhum concluded the programme with a heart rendering dua.

The procession was followed by Zuhr Salat and then lunch was served. The Darul Iftaa also distributed a special booklet compiled for the ulama. It included the yearly report, Iftaa Nisaab and three researches by the Darul Iftaa which will be of particular benefit to the Ulama.

All of us (students who graduated this year) are foreigners and have left our families and parents back home. Naturally, we too yearned for our close and dear ones to sit with us while we take the blessings of our teachers. We expected a void but that was not the case. We felt humbled by the immense love shown by the fraternity of more than 300 ulama, the local brothers of the mosque. The generosity and hospitality shown to us foreigners made us feel at home. We thank Allah Ta’ala for giving us the Tawfeeq to benefit from our teachers in academics, from dear ulama who made our graduation a long lasting memory, and for organizers and trustees of Masjidus Saliheen for making this event a complete success.

The students who qualified as Muftis are:

1) Mufti Faraz ibn Adam (UK)

2) Mufti Faisal ibn Abdul Hameed Niazi (Canada)

3) Mufti Ali ibn Cassim (USA)

4) Mufti Zaid Shelia (USA)


Jazak Allahu Khairan wa Ahsanal Jazaa’

Wassalamu Alaykum

The students of the Darul Iftaa

Please listen to the audio of the programme at : Darul Iftaa Graduation Ceremony


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    • Allah Ta’ala grant my respected and dear colleague all the best in this world and the hereafter.

      We are truly fortunate to have such an individual among us.

  1. Shukran for sharing this,masha Allah amazing Qirat by Mawlana.Congratulations and all the very best Inshaa Allah.I pray that Allah Almighty guide and protect the respected scholars and keep them steadfast on the Siratul Mustaqeem.

  2. Subhanallah! May Alllah accept all the efforts that these Ulama are doing and may Allah also make us among them. South Africa has really been a means for guidance for many. My father was classsmates with Mufti Ebrahim and a student of Maulana Choksi Saheb and others at Dhabel. He still feels pain for not finishing his studies. Inshallah my brother will go to Azadville next year.
    Please make dua for us all here in America. It really feels amazing when south african jamaats come and tells us about the condition of South Africa. May Allah accept one and all.

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