The manifestations of the different elements of man

Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Allah preseve him) said,

“Man is created and composed of four elements:

1)      Sand

2)      Water

3)      Fire

4)      Air


Each element expresses itself in a different way.  Humbleness is the manifestation of the sand, as sand is of a lowly and humble position in the atmosphere.  Intelligence is the demonstration of water, as water is the main component of all organisms.  Anger is the expression of fire which man is created from.  Fire’s innate being desires rage and fury.  Pride is the face of the air man is created from.  Air demands loftiness, in turn it creates the desire to be lofty in that which it is trapped in.


In tazkiyyah (science of purification of the soul), the purpose isn’t to eliminate the inherent substance of man, but to adjust them.”

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