Darul Fiqh literally means ‘The Centre for Understanding’. Darul Fiqh is now the official Fatwa site for Darul Iftaa Muadh ibn Jabal (www.fatwa-centre.com).

The aim of Darul Fiqh is to facilitate the learning, understanding, and practicing of the Islamic faith. Darul Fiqh is purely an academic resource which attempts to educate people on matters of Faith.

Darul Fiqh was established by Mufti Faraz Adam in 2011 under the guidance and instruction of Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Rahimahullah). Darul Fiqh deals with real questions and strives to provide pragmatic yet authentic solutions to contemporary questions.

Answers on Darul Fiqh will comprise of answers written by Mufti Faraz Adam, students of the Darul Iftaa as well as guest Muftis. 

The answers on Darul Fiqh are by default based on the Hanafi school unless stated otherwise in an answer.


To never leave a question on the practice of faith unanswered.


To provide authentic, practical, meaningful, and contextual solutions to everyday issues in practicing faith.

Disclaimer: Please note, Darul Fiqh  is not an Islamic Shari’ah Law Court; hence, the opinions provided by us are not intended to be a ruling as one would expect to receive from a Shari’ah Court. The aim is to provide a better understanding of issues from an Islamic perspective. We also take no responsibility if our answers are used out of their intended context, nor of any party who may or may not act upon them. Darul Fiqh is therefore exempted from loss or damage howsoever caused.